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100% dairy-free, plant-based cheese. Cultured to perfection.

Our Signature Products

Truffula painstakingly creates nourishing, wholesome foods that unite our love for rare delicacies and fine foods with our responsibility to our health and our planet. Everything we make is crafted with seeds, herbs, and nuts and thoughtfully prepared using raw food techniques that enhance nutritional value and flavour.

Dreamy Dill vegan cheese wedges beside a cheese box standing up and one laying down, on a wooden board with a white background.


Our plant-based cheese wheels are ideal for charcuteries, sandwiches, and picnics. Bursting with flavour, our wheels are rich, sliceable, and deliciously packed with protein and probiotics.

Original Cultured Cashew Cheese in 125g and 250g jars.


Perfectly creamy and versatile, our jars of cultured cashew cheese are made for crackers, bagels and dressings. And just like our wheels, they’re loaded with protein and probiotics.

Four stacked containers of Sprouted Seed & Onion Crispbread.


Made from organic seeds, our raw crispbreads are a grain-free and gluten-free cracker solution: crisp, chewy, sweet and salty – the ultimate companion to our wheels and jars.

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The Perfect Product

We know what it’s like to live with dietary restrictions, so Truffula offers versatile, gourmet artisanal products that don’t compromise on flavour or texture – rather, our plant-based, dairy and gluten free foods are unbelievably crave-worthy and loaded with nutrients.

Line drawing illustration of an herb.


As a rule, we source only certified organic and plant-based ingredients of the highest quality – and we prefer to partner with local suppliers and producers.

Line drawing illustration of a sliced onion.


We use raw food techniques to naturally culture our cashew products and slow bake our crispbreads to retain enzymes, fats, proteins, and probiotics.

Line drawing illustration of an herb.


Holistic Nutritionist and Raw Food Chef, Allison Landin is driven to craft delectable and nutritious foods that support health without compromising flavour.

The antithesis of junk food but 100% crave-worthy.

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