our foodie-approved approach.


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We make indulgent, luxurious foods, so we source only the highest quality ingredients. Every material used to craft our foods is certified organic and plant-based, which means they’re free of the synthetic fertilizers and pesticides that erode both topsoil and living tissue. Responsible and ethical, we also seek out local suppliers and producers to partner with such as evoolution, and Chickadee Farm Organic Herbs. And you can rest assured, we are committed to using only ethically sourced cashews in all of our products.

Our wheels are wrapped in premium cheese paper from France that allows the wheels to breathe while regulating humidity and increasing the shelf-life by at least 50%. Plus, we’ve got a mind toward reducing waste as much as we can so we also offer a jar return program in Edmonton: bring back your clean Truffula mason jars to Earth’s General Store, Amaranth Enjoy Centre or our booth a the 124 Street Grand Market for a 50 cent discount on the purchase of a new jar (one jar return discount per purchase).

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Because we’re trained in raw food techniques, we aim to preserve every nutrient our ingredients offer from enzymes to minerals, and from fats to proteins. Naturally culturing our cashews slowly, we allow them to soak before creaming them to increase digestibility, and then we ferment them with vegan probiotic cultures – our cultured cashew products are loaded with billions of probiotics in every tablespoon. For our seed-based crispbreads, we dehydrate them for 36-40 hours at low temperatures to maintain the enzymes, fats, and proteins. 

Line drawing illustration of an herb.


A fan of the fine foods herself, Holistic Nutritionist and Raw Food Chef, Allison Landin crafts intentional, toothsome, and nutritious foods without compromising flavour. In fact, she’s driven to make foods that will leave you craving more and more but that won’t make you feel terrible. Might seem like an oxymoron, but her foods are the antithesis of junk food and the epitome of indulgence. Allison’s discerning palate and commitment to flavour, quality, process, and ethics form the foundation of Truffula’s identity and products.


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