Cracked Peppercorn Wheel

Cracked Peppercorn Wheel

Crusted in fresh cracked peppercorns, this velvety cashew cheese wheel blends a mild, tangy flavour with a good, peppery bite. Often compared to a goat cheese’s texture, our aromatic cracked peppercorn wheel is a heat lover’s paradise. Versatile and familiar, this wheel provides a pleasing contrast of sensations: creamy yet crunchy, tangy yet spicy. Match this wheel with a drizzle of olive oil and smear it on crispbread or put it on a platter and serve with chardonnay, dried fruits, and nuts.

Plant-Based. Dairy-Free. Cultured. Raw. Vegan.


Organic raw cashews, Spring water, Nutritional yeast, Organic black peppercorns, Himalayan pink salt, Organic garlic and onion granules, Bacterial cultures.

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