Sprouted Seed & Onion Crispbread

Sprouted Seed & Onion Crispbread

Categorized as a crispbread due to its thickness, our sprouted seed & onion crispbread is a cracker that’s anything but bland – in fact, it’s absolutely overflowing with flavour and heaping with nutrition. Loaded with organic onions, sprouted pumpkin seeds, golden flax seeds, and rosemary, what results is a crisp and chewy, sweet and salty cracker that was designed to pair with our wheels and jars. To preserve enzymes, fats, and proteins, we dehydrate our crispbreads by slow baking them between 36-40 hours.

Plant-Based. Grain-Free. No Fillers. Raw. Vegan.


Organic onion, Organic pumpkins seed, Organic golden flax seed, Organic extra virgin olive oil, Organic coconut aminos, Himalayan pink salt, Organic rosemary.

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